We are located in Athens - Greece, the land where the light has chosen to live in.
This light inspires us, makes the colors in our crafts look brighter, vivid and authentic and adds joy to whatever we choose to make.
Since childhood we were knitting and crocheting fans. The "gene" was legated from our grandmothers, who were our first teachers. We have made other kinds of crafts during the years, but the needles and the hooks finally won.

Very young Rosa (left) and Emmy (right)

It took some time before we decided to go on line, because -as artists- it was rather difficult for us to break down our inhibitions and "expose" ourselves. One was encouraging the other during the thinking proccess. That's how our blog's and shop's name came to be, because "it took two" to open it.
We are now glad that we can deliver our love and care all over the world through our crafts. To us "handmade" means that we can pass our tender, love and care through our hands to every product we make. That's how all the loving feelings we used for the inspiration and creation of every item reaches you.