July 08, 2013

Fashion Design - Knitwear and accessories

A new activity! A new passion! An addiction!

Both of us are designers and we both love to create new crafts.
We took our pencils and papers and then we took our needles, hooks and yarns. And started working.
A few of our knitting and amigurumi patterns are already on line on Etsy and Craftsy
More are coming soon!
We first design on paper, then we make all the calculations needed, then we check everything out by knitting or crochetting each project ourselves. After all that, we are ready to write the pattern down and publish it.
It takes time, we know, but it is very important for us to produce correct patterns for well made or well fit products. We respect not just the money our customers spend to purchase our patterns (which is small, anyway) or yarn, but most of all the time and effort they spend and the TLC they add for the hand-making of our projects. So we are extra-super careful when writting a pattern, adding pictures and tips. We know that the most important thing for our customers is to enjoy working on our projects, instead of having trouble with the patterns. Yes, we are there whenever needed for more info and help.